Ladies and gentlemen,

we would like to introduce our graphics studio which offers you the possibility to make visual presentations for many occasions. First of all we care wholeheartedly about specific yet meaningful expressions of all the elements and materials which together make the distinctive mark of an organization, a company, an individual and their activities.

Divus Studio is prepared to design or develop a unique presentation design or a whole presentational cycle of varying visual material for you. We undertake complete solutions and single steps for our clients. In our work we use a combination of the latest, as well as classic, technologies, which gives us a wide scale of resulting products. We take care of mostly production, print and digital projects, starting with promotional material, posters, catalogs, books, via designs and layout realizations in interiors and exteriors, to digital processing of a picture or publication on the Internet.

Apart from the graphic and polygraphic processing, we can also complete the realization of digital film projects, including editing, sound and animation. These new technologies are also used for creation of web pages and company presentations.

Our advantage is the complexity of the whole project we accomplish. The client only checks the work, says if he/she is content and gets the concluded job as part of a package deal.

The project, Divus, also includes a publishing house, a publisher of cultural and mainly visual art publications, a magazine for contemporary art (Umělec) and revue Divus, and it also produces Eastern Alliance, a special project for non-traditional exhibitions, musical or performing activities abroad. Of course the studio Divus makes use of it's capacitites too, and in meeting the needs of our clients we cooperate with leading personalities of art and culture.

The employees of studio Divus will be glad to discuss with you the problems of your objectives and their presentation. Studio Divus is prepared to start with the execution of any project.

As a supplement we will send you a small yearboook with samples of our work and a few words about the history of the studio, which commenced in 1992. Further works can be found at

With best regards

the members of the Divus Studio.