Price for 1 Hour
Typesetting and montage 30 EUR
Scanning and retouching of pictures 30 EUR
Animation and Website 40 EUR
Programming and Databases 40 EUR
Editing video 60 EUR
Sound processing 60 EUR
Design 120 EUR
Photo or Film 120 EUR

Graphic works and the pre-print preparation

Graphic solution, typesetting, text layout, retouching and calibration of pictures, color corrections, montage, vectorization, delivery of films and materials for CTP, print and other control models.

Web and interactive mediums

Except for traditional websites we also offer interactive CD-Roms, videos on the Internet, flash Internet pages and sophisticated presentations of films.

Photo works

Analog and digital photos. We can choose from many photograpers who cooperate with us. They are specialists as you need or require them.
The prices vary according to given criteria.

Video, film and audio

Copying videos onto the computer or into another media (dvd, dv, vhs, s-vhs, etc). Editing of static pictures and sequences. Digital cuts, animations, 3D effects. Recording on digital videocamera (Sony DCR-TRV900E, Canon DM-XL1S) including a cameraman and the whole crew.